Our Core Values

We Foster Education

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This is the core of SMRBA. Everything we do in business is learned. We believe life and business is a life-long learning process. Our goal is to introduce you to and teach you marketing, customer and relationship building strategies to grow your business and improve your lifestyle. We don’t want you working hard forever. We want you to have more fun in your business and in your life.

We Pursue Excellence

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As members, everything we do and everything we want to do begins with the idea of doing the best and being the best we can be. It means paying attention to detail and owning up to it when we do make a mistake. And yes, that will happen. Of course, those we want to minimize. We all know nothing great happens without massive action and with that there is always a fair amount of risk. Our focus is always forward by working at being as good as we can be for our business.

We Practice Honesty

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At the heart of SMRBA is honesty and integrity. We created the SMRBA Business Alliance to help businesses and business owners create more, do more and have more. Throughout the process of your membership we’re going to share some intimate details of our businesses. You’re going to see every element of our business. We will tell you everything we are doing to grow this Alliance. Why? Because people appreciate it. That’s how you build trust, create credibility and longevity in today’s world. It’s refreshing in business and it’s smart. That’s SMRBA!

We Create Fun

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We ask ourselves everyday, “Are We Having Fun Yet?” We created SMRBA out of our love for business and entrepreneurship. Our passion is helping individuals and small businesses learn how wonderful a successful, growing business can be. Yes, it takes more learning, smart thinking and hard work to make it happen. But we can still have fun, can’t we? We believe so. One of our goals with SMBRA is to prove that to you.

About Our Core Process

#1 Our website and blog will be the first place you’ll want to pay attention to. We will update our members right on the site and blog first.

#2 Our email list and SMRBA Tailwind Newsletter is where you’ll get updates on your membership, our website, activities, events and all things SMRBA. Make sure you click the confirmation link in your email once you sign up as a member. (New App in development.)

#4 Business and life is a game with more than just one player. The true wealth of your business is in the relationships you build. At SMRBA we learn and practice the methods that will help build relationship wealth in your business. We’ll connect you and show you how to better connect with others.

Webinars & Workshops

#1 SMRBA Online webinars will cover a variety of marketing and business topics. From email marketing to builder stronger customer and client relationship, and more. You’ll be able to conveniently watch and learn directly from your desktop, laptop or mobile device. Most will be recorded and archived on the web for later playback.

#2 Our SMRBA lunchtime learning workshops delve deeper into various topics. Each workshop will be announced early to allow you to plan your business around the event.

#3 We want to hear from you what topics and information you want to learn more about. Call us at 480-630-1394, reach out on Facebook or send us a note through our Contact Page and let us know what business and marketing topics are of interest to you.

#4 After each webinar and workshop we’ll ask for your feedback. This data allow us to tailor on-going and future events to better serve you. We want to make every online and in-person event more efficient. This will help us deliver more to you.

Ongoing Discovery

#1 Accelerating your business success takes focus and learning the right things. At SMRBA one of our processes is showing you what’s important now and what to pay attention to in the near future.

#2 No doubt you’ve heard the saying, “You don’t know, what you don’t know.” It’s never been more true. The fact is you ARE leaving money on the table in your business. There are hidden assets in your business. We can help you identify what those may be.

#3 Much of what you can and need to learn can be through a process we call “stacking”. Many marketing elements that will work in your business can be applied to multiple applications. We’re going to share that process with you.

#4 Many people don’t know where to start. We’ll do an evaluation with you to help us better understand what more specifics you need to grow your business. And we’ll help you break down what you need to learn in simple, achievable chunks.

Put these processes and principals to work for you and your business.