Welcome to SMRBA!

The Superstition Mountains Regional Business Alliance, LLC (SMRBA) has been formed by a number of like-minded, seasoned business professionals who believe there is a need to provide all local and regional businesses with a choice, an option, for business support and the stimulation of growth.

The concept and model that SMRBA is built on is trust and transparency, and the ability to provide honest services that are tracked to ensure members receive all the benefits they have purchased.

Our communities from Superior, Gold Canyon, Tortilla Flats, Apache Junction and points West will be our core audience and influence. The offices are located conveniently and centrally in the Apache Junction Downtown District.

The objective of SMRBA is to provide unparalleled marketing and training support for all businesses in the region. We offer massive social and media exposure including SKY 7 Radio. Mike Lamb, GM of SKY 7 Digital Radio operates radio studios inside our SMRBA offices, providing live, recorded interviews and programs.


Arizona Winter Visitors Association

AWVA, a long established Association in the community has been in discussion with SMRBA where a mutual understanding of support has been developed. This is welcome community support mechanism that both associations will benefit from. In the future we envision a AWVA space that will include a retail gift shop to provide quality merchandise for Winter Visitors, tourists, local and regional residents and local and regional businesses.

These initiatives will be part of the continued emphasis to shop in the region keeping and supporting our regional businesses all year long, not just when the winter visitors are not here. Historically, when the winter visitors leave, regional businesses experience a significant loss of business. We want to change that by engaging all regional business to encourage participation in SMRBA programs and media campaigns.


Shop Year Round

SMRBA is developing a responsive loyalty program for local and regional businesses. This program will be designed to stimulate and encourage repeat business to keep it local. SMRBA members will be able to participate and everyone will be able to sign up FREE of charge.

As Executive Director of SMRBA – Superstition Mountains Regional Business Alliance, I pledge to bring these values and skills to our Superstition communities to inspire new and positive ideas, to stimulate economic and business growth all year long. At SMRBA we intend to engage and stimulate all businesses, small and large, city and county governments, with a common thread of purpose that will provide training, mentoring, marketing and special events that ultimately brings success to all.

Within our organization, we have an incredible team, who have and will continue to work tirelessly to bring the community and the region a true business alliance that will provide businesses a passionate desire to participate.

To begin this process, all licensed businesses in Apache Junction will receive a membership application to join the Alliance. There are multiple levels of participation. Our three main Membership Levels, Presidential, Executive and Cornerstone. Along with a Listing Only, Non-Profit, Residential membership.

Thank you for this opportunity to serve. Our door is always open.

We look forward to meeting you and fostering new relationships and having you join our family.

Welcome to SMRBA. In Business. For YOUR Business!

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Walter “Harvey” Clark
Executive Director